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.Thursday, November 12, 2009 ' 9:36 PM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted


So this long long holiday, I'm going to take a part-time job. Not sure whether I will be accept to work there or not. =S Well, freedom... I'm not actually free today and onwards because my parents will NEVER let me go anywhere! urghh.. but it's okay. I salute them because I know deep down, my parents really really love me. *Ha ha =)*


Apologize? well, the first person I want to apologize to is Ak Nur Hafizhurahman. I've made his life miserable. I've done so many bad things to him. We fought always this past few months and it is all my fault. I'm sorry for my disrespectful behavior. Yeah, I understand why you hate me. My stupid behavior always make you angry and mad. =) So I'm sorry. I hate to quarrel with you again.

To my beloved bestfriends,
I apologized because I don't want to be a wannabe like 'HER'. I want to be a good friend for you and always there when you need me. That is my reason. =)


Well I found the exam a little easier than I think. Past year paper did help me a lot! I pray to Him that all of the students who take the exam achieve their goals and go to form six. Amin! Wish us the best of luck for our results. Hope the examiner go easy on our answers. Haha. =D


I'm kinda lonely with out him. That's why I really need him. My parents left me to study alone. My sister and I have separated. We are not roommates anymore. So I sleep alone tho I enjoy it without her babbling all nights! Each night she would told me her story from 10.30 until midnight!! Then we would start our midnight fight. Haha. After that went to sleep. I know I'm not alone in this world but I feel so alone. =S


I read this awesome story book. It's about purses and murderer. Want to know how the story go? Find out yourself! Haha! That book cost me about $25. The cheapest book with really awesome story! =)


I think this Monday, 16th November 2009, 5a2 will have a class party so don't forget to bring your foods and drinks! All 5a2 students are invited. This will be held at 5a2 classroom. Have a blast! Don't forget to bring your textbook! That day we are told to return the textbook.

That is all.


.Monday, October 12, 2009 ' 4:24 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Chagyaaaa~ just want to say that I'm happy today! VERY! haha! He gave me many things. I was shocked at first when I saw the teddy bear sitting on the floor with a greeting card behind its back. So sweeeettttt~ =) Thank you my dear~ I really am happy that we have been together for this long. =D

I was going to delete my blog but when he gave me all the hopes, I wanna express it to the world and I want the world to know that you're mine!! =D So na jadi lah ku delete my blog. Here is the picture of the present he gave me. I'm so sorry I didn't give you anything but I have come up with something special and hope you like it tho. 8)


.Wednesday, September 30, 2009 ' 1:46 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Think about this words :-


That's what I'm going to say for today. No mood to do further blogging.

P/s: going to delete my blog.


.Thursday, September 17, 2009 ' 9:41 PM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

We all went shopping yesterday except my dad and my grandmother. My dad was away for work. We started at 9 am in the morning! Oh god, I was still tired.

Btw I've changed my look for this upcoming Raya. Changed my look from flats to heels *ladies* haha. We're supposed to buy our daily needs but someone rang my mother and forced her to bake raya cake for him. *kana pajal*. My mom rejected his request at first but he said this words "ai Jah,tempat kita ja ku order ni, tempat urang lain inda ku mau,tolong ku Jah,bini ku tu,ea mula2 order tempat urang lain tapi inda tia jadi,kita ja harapan kami Jah" *pity them*. My mom sighs and agreed so we have to stop our shopping spree for awhile. She said "we will continue our shopping on Saturday. And I will turn OFF my mobile phone. Haha." We went home at 2 o'clock. My mom quickly started baking the cake. Kesian ibu saya. I want to help her but I'm having a migraine at that moment, mom told me to eat the medicine *thats mean sungkai lah* but i insist to take a rest. So jump to bed and sleep until 5.30 pm.

Wake up, my migraine didn't fade away. Still have it. So I sat and read Physics. Two minutes later, my migraine started to fade. Haha. Never thought by reading physics, my migraine will go away. Then it started to appear again because SOMEONE started a fight with me. *sial*

I told my guy everything about my problem. Well, he made my headache go away. He also made me happy last night. We had a short phone call. Hehe. *lau batah2 abis karang kredit* =p hehe. After the phone call, I fall asleep at my STAIRCASE! haha. Luckily I got up at 3.15 am and went in my room and sleep in my cozy bed. The end.


.Thursday, September 10, 2009 ' 7:42 PM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Happy 11th month anniversary my darling Hafizhurahman. =D One month left for our annual one year anniversary together.

Never thought that I'm inlove with the person I hated the most! HAHA! Yeah, I hate you when we were just friend. You always annoyed me. When I look at your face, you always made me want to puke. We never get along last year. We always fought back then. What surprised me was that after the horrible long month of fight, it's like I know you more just by fighting with each other. I always think of you, really miss you and I kinda like you.

I tried to confess that I like you but I'm afraid that I'm totally wrong with my feeling. So I just waited and waited for three or four days then you admit that you like me. I was shocked! HAHA! But in the same time I'm happy. Then my feeling towards you started to grow. My heart at that time really really need you. At the same time, I had a boyfriend whose name I always puke when I pronounce it. =P. HAHA! We were together for about a week then I broke up with him because he such a cry baby. As you can see, I never trust guys back then because of my experienced with them. I always crushed my ex-hearts because of revenge and hatred.

Back to meandyou story. He proposed me during a beautiful geological weather when the Rainbow was seen with the Sun. He proposed me in the afternoon pulang tu. =P But that day I will never forget because of it's beautiful scenery. When I started my relation with him, actually I didn't trust him at all. Well just 1%. Hehe. And want to know something shocking?? When we first started our relationship, I want to crush his heart also. HAHA! (I'm sorry). I was going to break him up at our first monthsary. But I couldn't because it's like I totally want to know you more. There's something special about you that makes me curious and need to know. So after tthat, I started to know more about you and you know what? My trust towards you have increased 40%. From 1% to 40%? Wow~just in a month, you had make my trust increased in large amount.

Now, I'm totally inlove with you. My heart always filled with rainbow and lollipops-sweet lollipops =). I don't want to lose you. You will always be mine until death do us apart! I always have negative thinking for example last year, I've been thinking and noticed that you still liked her. I think that maybe I'm the barrier, the hinder between their relations. Oh damn! I was going to let you go and let you be with her but my friends gave me some adviced. They said that I shouldn't do it , just think about my own future with him. Don't think of others. Always be with him. Never break his heart and bla bla bla.. So I listened to my heart. My heart told me to just let you go but I just couldn't. You are my everything. So I will do anything just for you because I love you. Now my trust is a 100% towards you! YEAY! Hehe. So just want you to know something that I will always be with you no matter what happen and I always love you. You are my future. =)

I'm sorry if I have hurt your feelings. I'm sorry if I'm your worst nightmare. I'm sorry if I'm not the type of girlfriend you're searching for. I'm sorry for my rude behaviour. I'm sorry for everything but I never say sorry for making you jealous because if you're jealous, it's easy for me to know that you really love me. Hehe =D. Anyway Happy Anniversary dear. Always beside you. ^-^

From now on, any girls who want to steal him away from me, you have to go through me first! To ask for permission laa.. =P HAHA! kiddin'. I will never let you go! That's my last words before I'm gone for good. =)


.Saturday, September 5, 2009 ' 3:51 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

You never thought what will happen to us if we are in form 6?
We all want to stay with our spouse forever but what happen if we separate after O'level?
Some might go to other country to continue their study but some aren't.
Couples always said "we will be together forever" but do you think it will work?
If it's a fate for us to stay and stick together, that will be a relief but if not?
My aunt always say "think for yourself,then you can think of others. Your future is important."
It's true what she said but what if my future is you?
What if I really can't face the world without you beside me?
Why do time have to go so fast? Can't it stops just so I can be with you for a long time?

I just heard another love story. This couple, namely A and B, they both loved each other during secondary school. They had been together for 4 years. Want to know something? They both repeated in form 3 and in form 5 just so they could meet each other and stay together. A is a smart girl, she repeated because she want to be with him at that time. They always used these words "we will be together FOREVER! Trust me. I'll never leave you." Then A passed her exam but B doesn't. A went to form 6 and B quite studying because A wasn't there with him. He messaged and tried calling her many times but she never replied nor answered his call. He depressed because A totally forgot about him. They didn't break up yet. They also never contact each other for one whole year. One day, B worked as a security guard in one of the upper six high school in that country. He saw her face but not so sure whether that girl was her or not. He called her name, and that girl glanced at him and quickly she walked away. B was surprised and assumed that girl was her. He followed her queitly and at a corner, he saw her hugging with a hot hunky guy. He ran towards them and grabbed her arm. He scolded her for leaving him, and for not calling nor meet him at all. The girl cried "we are over! I don't want to have a stupid boyfriend! Get a job!" B faced was red and angry and said "you're the one who promised me not to leave me but you don't fulfill it! Urgh, I'm stupid enough to fall inlove with you!" He slapped himself and walked away. Then A's boyfriend at that moment broke her up because he's afraid he will be hurt by her just like B. That's the end of their love story.

People tend to fall inlove with the wrong person whom they thought was the right one but I can feel that I'm falling inlove with the right person and I believe that our love will last longer.

Ak Nur Hafizhurahman, i love you!


.Monday, August 31, 2009 ' 2:30 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Happy 17th Birthday to my beloved Hafizhurahman! =)

Firstly I gave him a box of chocolate. Sadly I forgot to take picture of it. Haha. Then my sis and I made a handmade photoframe. It took us about three days to dry the glued tissues. Batah banar kali ah ku nunggu. Haha.

While waiting, I make a greeting card. I was going to make it for myself but macam boring tia so I asked my whole classmate to make him a long greeting cards. Haha. They agreed. So buat lah punya buat. Gila, I forgot to take the final picture. Arghhh! Haha. Nevermind.

banarnya panjang g tu the cards ah, hehe all 5a2 students greet our birthday boy. =)

Oh ya, the photoframe jadi cemani tia. The picture atu yang picture kami dua before ani and and yang d bawah atu is for reminder notes. All made by me!! haha safe budget sikit. For the frame, I used all these materials :

  1. Tissues
  2. PVA glue
  3. black and white paint * paint jadi macam warna batu,haha,lawaa~*

Then the material used for the decorations :

  1. Unused black and white clothes for 'H' and 'B'
  2. blue strings
  3. made by me a namecard "H31-N16 =)"

It was fun making all this gifts for your love one. =D Nanti after I have my bonus from my dad, maybe I will buy for him the latest bluetooth modem or or the latest iPod. =)

.Sunday, August 30, 2009 ' 6:31 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

When we're together, I feel that my heart beat faster. When I have problems, you help me and cheer me up. It's just me that stupid enough to make you sad and feel unappreciate. I'm terribly sorry. Your birthday is tomorrow (31st August 2009), I have prepared last minute gifts for you. haha. If want to know how hard my sis and I have been through to make you a special present, well then, see my update in this blog tomorrow night. =) I'll post pictures and stories. Hehe.

Iloveyou Ak Nur Hafizhurahman bin Pg Hamzah!


.Thursday, August 27, 2009 ' 2:06 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

I have oral english tadi. It was fun. I enjoyed talking to them. Firstly, i approached them and greet them. I wait for them to give me permission to sit. Our conversation :

Examiner : how are you today?
Me : i'm fine, thanks for asking.
Examiner : thats good. So have you waited downstairs long enough?
Me : yeah, i think i've waited two hours. *liat jam*
Examiner : uuu~that was long. So what did you do downstairs?
Me : i talked with my friends, hear some songs and have a short nap.
Examiner : ah~ a nap, thats good. At least you take a rest. Well then, you may begin.
Me : thanks. Here we go. Ehem*usai suara,haha*. *reading the passage*
Examiner : tell me,do you like to be a seller,business woman?
Me : actually, it was part of my ambition. I have several ambitions but to be a business woman? Its the forth on my ambition list.
Examiner : wow! You have many ambition? Okay. So tell me all about your ambitions.
Me : okay,let see..firstly,since i was a little, i want to be an operation doctor but i dont think i can achieve that goal because i dont take biology. Second, i want to be in an army, but my mother doesn't allow me because she want me to be soft to people,not to be a girl that always shouted. It is bad for my image she said. Third, i want to be a police officer. I want to have all the actions but sadly my dad doesn't approve for me to be a police officer, because he was afraid that i get shot and die. Haha. Forth, i want to be a businesswoman but im afraid i go bankrupt. Fifth, i want to be a lawyer but i hate taking history. Then i've decided to be a doctor, i need to take biology when i'm in form 6.
Examiner : that was interesting. Haha you have a negative thought for being a businesswoman. You must believe in yourself that you can achieve the goal.
Me : *giggle* yeah.
Examiner : so tell me about your self. I found that you are an interesting person. So i would like to know more about you.
Me : okay. Well,im nabilah,15 years old. I have five siblings including me. I'm the second. And *garu kepala* ah,i study in sekolah menengah rimba *smile*
Examiner : haha i know that. So you're the second. Tell me about your oldest sister/brother.
Me : hmm..lets see. Ah yes, she is sitting for o'level exam this year with me. We are in the same school and i'm not that close with her because she's such a baby. Haha.
Examiner : *giggle* that must be interesting. Both of you can study together.
Me : no way! I hate to study with her because everytime i told her to study with me, she would refuse. She would say i'm tired. I wanna go to bed. I wanna call my boyfriend. I was like urghh,fine~study by myself.
Examiner : *both laugh* so she doesn't like to study. So have you been to other country for a holiday?
Me : yes. I've been to kota kinabalu and kuala lumpur.
Examiner : ah~ tell me about your first trip.
Me : well, i was a little girl at that time. My family and i went to kuala lumpur. I don't really remember. But for sure i have a great time there. We went to Sunway Lagoon. We swam in the swimming pool. An incident also occur. My brother was little and he was 4 years old. The water was so deep that he drowned himself.
Examiner : *shock face, 0.0* is he okay right now??
Me : oh,he's fine. Not to worry, that was just a past. Luckily my dad saved him just in time before terrible things happen to him.
Examiner : oh my, that shock me. Glad to hear that he's okay. It was nice talking to you. Take care and goodbye *smile*
Me : oh, thank you. Goodbye. *smile*


.Wednesday, August 26, 2009 ' 5:56 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Cute! he has a tooth already! Awwww~ his smile makes me melt! haha. Just like his brother ;D hehe.


.Sunday, July 19, 2009 ' 7:43 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Here what I found about LOVE :

I love you enough to fight for you, compromise for you, and sacrifice myself for you if need be.
Enough to miss you incredibly when we're apart, no matter what length of time it's for and regardless of the distance.
Enough to believe in our relationship, to stand by it through the worst of times, to have faith in our strength as a couple, and to never give up on us.
Enough to spend the rest of my life with you, be there for you when you need or want me, and never ever want to leave you or live without you.

I love you this much.

If i could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin and the feel of your heart beating with mine.. Knowing that, I could never find the feeling with anyone other than you

Love her
Like you're scared
To lose her.
Kiss her,
Like it will be
Your last kiss.
Hold her,
Like you will never
Let her go.
Tell her,
You would die for her.
Wipe away her tears,
But don't make her cry.
Make her smile,
Every day.
Tell her,
"you're the one."

There is no length of time that is too long or no distance that is too far. I love you more than life itself! I'll wait for you until the day I die. <3

If you're asking if I need you, the answer is forever.. If you're asking if I'll leave you, the answer is never..
If you're asking what I value, the answer is you..
If you're asking if I love you, the answer is I do.

Lying in my bed, tears falling down my face, praying to god, that our love don't fade away, cause with you I can't live without. No matter what we go through, I'll love you forever and more.

With Out You I'm Nothing!

Love Ak. Nur Hafizhurahman bin Pg. Hamzah! ^0^


.Wednesday, July 15, 2009 ' 5:58 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Fifty thousand tears I've cried, screaming, deceiving and bleeding just for you. Do you know why? It's because of love. Love makes me hurt deeply inside but sometimes it makes me happy. I used to say "go and make out with that guy, just for a day or a week and don't forget to break his heart. Crush it!" I did this many times. All my ex heart's hurt by me. Some of them didn't care but some of them did. Some cried, some happy, some take it as a joke, some take it seriously. I really hate guys at that time but when I met you, I felt something is different with you. I just can't put my finger on it. Now I know who you really are. You are the first guy that have allured my heart. You are the first person to steal my breath away. I'm lucky to have you as my lover and my life partner. This is my first "love" relation that last longer than I've expected. You will always in my heart. I don't care whether you hurt me or not, as long as you are with me, I feel protected and happy. Just so you know, I cried for you because I really care about you. I'm afraid to lose you. When the night has come, the land is dark, the moon is the only light we will see, I stared through the windows and stared at my own reflection, I imagined that you are right beside me and hug me. It was such a beautiful scene. But my dreams fade away when it came and destroyed it. I really hate that "it". You try to change it and hope you did, then my new dream will be leash. =) Such an imagination I got there. *sigh*

Ak. Nur Hafizhurahman bin Pg. Hamzah, I love you! ^_^


.Monday, July 13, 2009 ' 3:17 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

Do you need me to hold you
To defy what people have told you?
Do you need me right beside you
So from the dangers I can hide you?

Do you need me to bring you cheer
Just so you can avoid your fear?
Do you need me every night's eve
Just to tell you I'll never leave?

Do you need me in your domicile
So that you're safe from everything vile?
Do you need me to save you
To cherish and to crave you?

Do you need me with you in bed
So you can hear what's left unsaid?
Do you need me to wash regret
From your life so the best you get?

Now is the time to not be shy
Do not let life just pass you by
Now or never, decide your fate
Come to me before it's too late.


.Monday, June 8, 2009 ' 7:09 AM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

I love guys who are romantic, rather than the opposite. Hmm..let see, my ex-boyfriend, Yasrin. Oh god, he was not romantic at all. Bored with him ey. He went to my classroom and just stood there watching me. Okay, I don't care. What bugs me was that he never try to allure my attention. He proposed me just by saying this typical words "jadi girl ku?" haha. I accepted him because I like him at that time.

He WAS super cute! =D and a boring guy. But different with my beloved guy today, he is totally romantic and honest. Every details of his feeling towards me or other girls, he tells me. Tho it hurts but atleast he tells the truth. =)

Truths hurt but lies worst!


.Saturday, June 6, 2009 ' 9:16 PM Y
and your love is all i ever wanted

As all of us know, love hurts! It sucks. Well, thats what I thought when I was dumped by my previous guy. He cheated on me. Urgh! My life sucks when I was with him.

Now, I'm with a different guy. His name is Hafizur. He is my classmate when we were in form 3B but we never knew each other at that moment. In form 4B, he still my classmate then we change class and have been promoted to 4sci2. At that time, we get to know each other a little.

As time went by, we always fight in class or extra class. Urgh he was annoying back then. Then little by little, I start to like him and now, we are together! =) It's our 8 month anniversary this thursday. Yeay~ ^_^


Hafizhurahman is mine! :)

Him =D


Azhar Hanafi
Khairuddin Mohammad
Hadi Iskandar
Najihah Kamaliah
Faezah Yusof
Fiqah Ghazali
Hafidzon Omar
3B students
Elaine Tan
Khairul Nazrin
Martha Stewart
Hershey chocolates
Milzam =D